Monday, 21 November 2016

Create & Take: Snowflake Diamond Box

Hi bloggers, today we are going to share with you last week's Create & Take which was a beautiful little favor box from the Sizzix range. Heidi used the Snowflake Diamond Box die set to create a wonderful gift box that can be hung on the tree or placed on the Christmas dinner table as a placeholder gift.

So let's get started....

Products Used:

Extra Tools Required: double sided tape, sharp scissors and wet glue.


1. Die cut four body pieces and selected elements from the card/glitter card.

2. Apply double sided tape to the long tabs of each body piece and stick two body pieces together.
One pair will become the bottom of the ornament and the other, the top.

3. Using scissors, remove all of the small tabs from what will become the bottom piece.

4. Apply double sided tape to all of the smaller tabs, to what will become the top piece of the ornament. 

5. Create the top and bottom pieces by sticking together the remaining long tabs to the corresponding opposite sides.

6. Stick the small hanger piece to the 'back'.

7. Thread white ribbon through and tie a knot.

8. Tie a small bow using pink organza ribbon and stick onto the box.

9. Stick down poinsettia pieces to the top of the box as shown above.

10. Stick the top part to the bottom, one tab at a time.

If you wish to use the box as a favor box, do not stick down the long tab and the two nearest smaller ones together. This allows the panel to open and close.

If you prefer to follow a picture tutorial please click here.

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