Thursday, 24 January 2008

Little People Cards Some Of Wendys Show Samples

Dies Used: Rev Pumkin...Rev Paper Doll...2" x 2" Pilgrim Girl (pony tails)...Rev Pilgrim (fringe)
Dies Used: Rev Paper Doll...Rev Nativity Costumes (dress)...2" x 2" Mrs Class (hair)...Rev Pilgrim(fringe)
Dies Used: Rev Paper Doll...Nativity Costume...Rev Pilgrim (fringe)...2" x 2" Pilgrim Girl (pony tails)
Dies Used: Rev Paper Doll...2" x 2" Butterfly KS0799 (wings)...Daisy Profile (skirt) Rev Nativiey Costumes (top)2" x 2" Mrs Claus (hair) Rev Pilgrim (fringe)
Dies Used: 2" x 2" Dog front (body, arms & legs)...2" x 2" Paper Doll Die Set (hair)2" x 2" Floppy Hat (bows) 2" x 2" Native American (head)

These are a few of the little people that Wendy makes using the QK dies. She is so clever and makes them out of dies you would never imagine!!! (ie the twins are using the dog die??????)

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great week

Anonymous said...

Farnborough was great, and I am amazed at the ideas Wendy has with the dies. Would be very interested to know how they were made please.