Sunday, 18 May 2008

Tracy's Paper Doll People

I have meaning to put these paper doll people of the website for a while now. Tracy made them with the Cricut Expression. I think she has done a great job and thanks Tracy for making me a Princess! She is still working on Katie & herself so we will put them on soon.

This is Super Sue! She runs the office and answer all the calls & emails aswell as printing all your orders and generally a bit of everything!

Tracy has called me Princess Paula, thanks Trace! Probably because I am very girly and always buy in the girly products and love making girly cards. Maybe its because I have 3 boys (well 4 inlcuding Geoff my husband)

This is King Geoff. We have called him King because he is the Bossman (well I let him think he is)

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Kim said...

Rofl..... They are brill.....